Kalashnikov unveils KUB-BLA Kamikaze Drone

Kalashnikov unveils KUB-BLA Kamikaze Drone

Mar 29 2019
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KUB-BLA is designed for defeating remote ground targets.

Russia’s Kalashnikov Group has unveiled its suicide drone dubbed KUB-BLA at the IDEX-2019 arms exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the company, complexes equipped with drone carriers for guided munitions are currently one of the most promising areas in the unmanned airborne system development. As shown in the following video, KUB-BLA is designed for defeating remote ground targets. The unmanned aerial vehicle delivers special load to the manually set target coordinates or to the image from the guidance target load.

“This complex represents a step to completely new conduct of operations”, said Rostec’s CEO Sergey Chemezov. “The high-precision drone comes within 30 minutes at a speed of 130 km/h. The shell is delivered to the target by the complex regardless of terrain or whether the target is concealed or not, both at low and high attitudes It is extremely accurate and efficient weapon being very hard to combat by traditional air defence systems.”

The complex advantages include covert launch, high accuracy, noiselessness and ease of use. Its speed range is between 80 and 130 km/h, time in flight is 30 minutes, payload is 3 kg, and dimensions are 1210*950*165 mm. The unmanned attack complex has been successfully tested and is ready to application.