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Kadena’s F-15C MiG killer special color celebrates the 60th anniversary of the defense alliance between the US and Japan

The F-15C Eagle 85-0104 was flown by the 67th Fighter Squadron to commemorate this milestone.

Taken on Jul. 1, 2020 at Kadena Air Base, Japan, the cool photos in this post features an F-15C with a special paint to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Alliance between the United States and Japan, the cornerstone of stability and security in the region.

The F-15C Eagle 85-0104 was flown by the 67th Fighter Squadron to commemorate this milestone.

The paint scheme was designed by the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and civilian corrosion control team and pays homage to the F-100 that the 67th FS flew over 60 years ago, but adjusted to fit the F-15’s structure.

Noteworthy, as noted by Alert 5.com, F-15C 85-0104 is one of the MiG-killing Eagles assigned to the two squadrons at Kadena: 85-0104 in fact shot down a MiG-23 during Operation Desert Storm.

According to Jake Melampy’s book Bases of the World, Volume I: Kadena Air Base, as of 2014 no fewer than eight MiG-killing F-15Cs were assigned to the two Eagle squadrons at Kadena, consisting of F-15Cs 80-0012 (Mi-8 helo), 84-0025 (MiG-23 x 2), 85-0104 (MiG-23), 85-0105 (Mirage F.1 x 2), 85-0107 (MiG-29), 85-0114 (MiG-27 & MiG-23), 85-0119 (MiG-23), and 85-0124 (Su-22).

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Each of these aircraft was then decorated with a green star in honor of its accomplishment.

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Photo credit: U.S. Air Force

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