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Italian Navy AW101 Crash Aboard Caio Duilio Destroyer. Crew Members Uninjured.

The AW101 was operating with the Horizon-class destroyer Caio Duilio.

On nov.6, 2019 at 6.00pm an AW101 helicopter belonging to Italian Navy crashed during a training flight.

According to Naval News, the helicopter was operating with the Horizon-class destroyer Caio Duilio.

During the accident, all six helicopter crew members survived and no one injured.

The reason of the crash is under investigation.

The AW101 is a medium/heavy platform capable of performing multiple tasks including: Anti-Submarine and Anti-Ship Warfare, Air-Naval Operations Command and Control, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Maritime Patrol/Assault.

The helicopter operates off three CT7-8E engines, with a two engine cruise option to extend the endurance of the multi-role platform to provide unparalleled performance in all environments.

The versatility of the AW101 platform permits customers to configure the helicopter for a wide range of primary and secondary roles. Designed with sophisticated avionics and mission systems, coupled with long range and endurance, it provides operational persistence for all missions. This mission flexibility makes the AW101 the most advanced, versatile and capable multi-role helicopter available today.

The AW101 design’s harnesses technologies from the forefront of industry that are fully integrated throughout the avionics and mission suite to deliver exceptional situational awareness, rapid tactical assessment and ultimate mission effectiveness.

Extensive redundancy in structures, avionics and critical systems, combined with a three-engine configuration and proven 30 minute run-dry transmission capability, ensures the highest standards of safety. An advanced defensive aids suite, ballistic protection and weapons ensures survivability in high threat environments.

The AW101 provides customers with greater mission flexibility thanks to a comprehensive range of equipment that enables the platform to be configured for swing role operations. The large sliding door and rear ramp ensure rapid personnel ingress/egress and equipment loading/unloading.

Italian Destroyer Caio Duilio

Photo credit: Italian Navy via Naval News

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