F-14 Tomcat

‘It moved like a flash from our 10 o’clock high position to 3 o’clock.’ US Navy F-14 pilot recalls odd UFO sightings he had while flying the mighty Tomcat

UFO sightings

Ever wonder what kinds of unusual objects pilots see from the air?

With a truly unique vantage point, they’ve reported a range of strange sightings, including geoglyphs, drones and… UFOs.

Sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) have been reported throughout history. Given the potential security and safety risks they pose, as well as scientific curiosity, there is increasing interest in understanding what these sighting reports represent.

Pilots have claimed to see UFOs for decades – sightings usually involve objects flying in a formation or bright lights, as Doyle Borchers, former US Navy F-14 Tomcat test pilot, recalls on Quora;

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A string of lights

‘Once as an F-14 test pilot flying a night mission returning from White Sands range in New Mexico to NAS Pt Mugu. The weather was bad in Mugu so we were diverted to NAS Miramar in San Diego. We were at 24,000 ft and both my Radar Officer and I saw a string of lights well below us on what we thought was the desert floor, but the continued to follow us at almost 500kts. As we turned, the lights followed us, and finally after about 10 minutes broke off and departed. I wanted to make a report, but my RIO wouldn’t back me up.’

He continues;

‘Second one was when I was flying and F-14 from Palma/Majorca to RNAS Yeovilton for an airshow back in 1976. Both my RIO and I saw a bright silver disk well above our altitude of 35,000ft. I would guess it was at about 70,000ft. It moved very quickly from our 10 o’clock high position to 3 o’clock, and I mean like a flash, and then was out of sight.’

Borchers concludes;

‘No doubt in my mind that UFO’s are real.’

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Photo credit: Capt. Dana Potts / U.S. Navy and US DoD

Dario Leone

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