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Lt. Col. ‘A’ was given several opportunities to explain his failures in the polygraph tests and retake them, only for him to be unsuccessful

As reported by Ynetnews the Israeli Air Force (IAF) chief is starting a fresh search for a candidate to lead the prestigious “Magic Touch” AH-64D Apache attack helicopter unit after the first choice applicant, known as Lt. Col. ‘A,’ failed lie detector tests repeatedly.

His failure to clear multiple polygraph tests means that he is not able to secure the required security clearance needed for the top job.

Noteworthy the revelation came as a surprise to many as Lt.Col. ‘A’ was considered practically a shoo-in for the position. Currently, he is waiting for Eshel to make a decision regarding his future in the IAF.

According to officials involved in the incident, Lt. Col. ‘A’ was given several opportunities to explain his failures in the polygraph tests and retake them, only for him to be unsuccessful.

The AH-64 Apache is a twin seat all weather attack helicopter. IAF Apaches have played a critical role in routine security operations in Lebanon and in attack sorties, like the ones carried out against Hizballah targets in Beirut.

The improved AH-64D ‘Longbow’ Apache, which first took to the air on Apr. 1, 1992, has a unique missile system, produced by Lockheed-Martin, that relies on a millimetric-wave radar installed over the main rotor, and laser guided AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. This system gives the Hellfires greater range and enhanced accuracy. The laser guided Hellfires are ‘fire and forget’ missiles, that do not require guidance from the helicopter after being fired.

Other improvements in the D model are a new glass cockpit and more powerful engines (in the form of T700-GE-701C engines rated at 1,857 hp).

Photo credit: Israeli Air Force

Additional source: Israeli Air Force

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