Israel to buy 25 advanced F-15I multirole fighters

Israel to buy 25 advanced F-15I multirole fighters

The advanced F-15I multirole fighters will feature large-area cockpit display and extended lifespan

Flight Global says Israel will be buying another batch of new advanced F-15I multirole fighters that feature large-area cockpit display and extended lifespan.

The purchase of 25 aircraft will be done in conjunction with upgrades to Israeli Air Force’s existing F-15I fleet.

The purchase of additional F-15s has recently gained priority for the Israeli air force’s high command over ordering aircraft for a third squadron of Lockheed Martin F-35Is. In fact, former senior Israeli Air Force (IAF) officers told that the service future squadrons cannot rely on only one type of combat plane (the F-35), hence the need for new F-15s.

The rationale for this decision is that while the F-35’s stealth features are essential at the start of a conflict, the type will need to be flown during later combat sorties in conjunction with assets capable of carrying a heavier weapons load. Additionally the F-15 is capable of striking targets at longer ranges than the F-35 and to carry a heavier payload than the Lightning II.

Furthermore as we have explained last year IAF would like to replace its fleet of legacy F-15s (the oldest of which were delivered in 1976) with a more advanced variant of the fighter.

IAF is currently operating 25 F-15Is, aged between 18 and 20 years. These aircraft would be modified to the same enhanced standard as the proposed additional batch, if the deal goes ahead.

Sources indicate that a purchase is likely to advance around the mid-way point of a 10-year military spending package recently approved by the U.S.

Israel to buy 25 advanced F-15I multirole fighters
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