Indonesian Air Force flying F-16 and T-50i aircraft to wake people up during the fasting month of Ramadan

Indonesia Air Force's last two F-16s to arrive home today

A training program at dawn was initiated by Indonesian Air Force several years ago.

The Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU, Indonesian Air Force) says it will be conducting flight training in the predawn hours to wake people up for their sahur (predawn meal) during the fasting month of Ramadan.

They will launch jet fighter training over several cities on Java Island, namely Surabaya in East Java, Surakarta, Klaten and Sragen in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

“God willing, we will carry out the tradition to wake people up for sahur using fighter aircraft,” the TNI-AU said.

Indonesian Air Force spokesperson Col. Sus M. Yuris says this is also to ensure that pilots do not train during the fasting hours, which is from dawn to dusk.

Dawn is the right time to fly for fighter pilots, according to medical experts, who advised against training until after 10:00 hrs (local time), when the blood sugar levels of people who fast begin to drop. Fighter pilots are not recommended to operate aircraft when they are in the state of having low blood sugar levels.

During sahur, low-flying fighter aircraft will soar the skies and pilots will be required to use afterburners, which generate noise. A training program at dawn was initiated by the Air Force several years ago. Two kinds of aircraft were mainly used: the F-16 and the T-50i.

Photo credit: Alex R. Lloyd / U.S. Air Force

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