The V1 flying bomb was an early cruise missile and the first production aircraft to use a pulsejet for power

Taken on Apr. 5, 2015 the gorgeous video in this article shows a Large RC (radio controlled) V1 flying bomb model performing during the Classic Fighters Omaka airshow, New Zealand.

The model, which is approximately 3/4 scale, is powered by electric ducted fans and LiPo batteries.

The V1 missile or V1 flying bomb (that along with V2 liquid-fuelled ballistic missile and V3 cannon was part of the German World War II “V Weapons”) was an early cruise missile and the first production aircraft to use a pulsejet for power.

The V1 was known to the Allies as the “buzz bomb” because when it reached its target and dived, its propulsion unit spluttered and cut out, producing a terrifying, eerie hush before impact.

Noteworthy when V1 attacks against Great Britain began in mid-June 1944, the only aircraft with the low-altitude speed to be effective against them was the Hawker Tempest. Early attempts to intercept and destroy V1s often failed, but improved techniques soon emerged. These included using the airflow over an interceptor’s wing to raise one wing of the V-1, by sliding the wingtip to within 6 in (15 cm) of the lower surface of the V1’s wing. If properly executed, this manoeuvre would tip the V-1’s wing up, overriding the gyro and sending the V-1 into an out of control dive.

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