by Dario Leone
Gripen Aggressor unveiled

Gripen Aggressor is based on the proven Gripen C-series fighter weapon system, but has been customised for the aggressor role

At DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) 2017, London, Saab unveiled its Gripen Aggressor platform for the adversary air combat training market.

According to a company press release Gripen Aggressor is based on the proven Gripen C-series fighter weapon system, but has been customised for the aggressor role. It has all the renowned handling and flight characteristics associated with the JAS-39 Gripen C and its advanced sensor and datalink capabilities, but will not carry live armament.

“There is a major difference in the capabilities provided by the aggressors on the market today and what the need is for the coming years. In order to train as you fight, you need to fly advanced combat tactics against peer and near peer opponents like the Gripen Aggressor. Essentially world class pilots need to train against world class opponents and that is the Gripen Aggressor”, says Richard Smith, head of Gripen marketing & sales at Saab.

Jane’s says the decision to showcase the platform at DSEI 2017 is because Saab is eyeing the Royal Air Force’s ASDOT (Air Support to Defence Operational Training) program.

The winner of ASDOT gets a 15-year contract to deliver Red Air services for fighter pilot training and deliver Blue Air training of joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) and fighter controllers.

Furthermore Saab sees potential for the platform as a high-level aggressor option within both the U.S. Air Force’s Adversary Air (ADAIR) and wherever users look to prepare pilots for the challenges of sophisticated modern air combat.

In the following video you can see Richard Smith telling us all we need to know about Gripen Aggressor.

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