First Atlantic Fleet Squadron to induct the F/A-18 performs its last flight on Legacy Hornet


By Dario Leone
Sep 26 2017
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The Wildcats of VFA-131 received their first F/A-18 Hornet in May 1984

As reported by VFA-131 has flown its last flight on the F/A-18 and the unit is preparing to transition to the Super Hornet.

Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 131 The squadron was the first to induct the F/A-18 in the Atlantic Fleet back in 1984.

VFA-34, 37 and 83 will be the last three squadrons to fly the Legacy Hornets.

The transition of VFA-131 to Super Hornet will also allow these units to keep their “best of breed” Legacy Hornets for use in support squadrons, such as the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, the Navy Reserves and the Blue Angels.

Moreover, the retired aircraft will provide spare parts and supplies for the Legacy Hornets still in service.

Established at Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore on Oct. 2, 1983, the Wildcats of VFA-131 received their first F/A-18A Hornet in May 1984. In January 1985, the squadron moved to NAS Cecil Field, Florida, and became “AIRLANT’S First and Finest” F/A-18 squadron.

In September 1990, the squadron transitioned to F/A-18C Lot XIII Night Strike Hornets.

The mission of VFA-131 is combat readiness as a part of U.S. Atlantic Fleet Carrier Strike Forces, utilizing the F/A-18 aircraft to project power ashore and at sea, to defend the fleet against air and sea threats and to carry out all other missions which may be assigned by cognizant authority.

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Photo credit: Lt. Tom Haeussler / U.S. Navy

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Dario Leone

Dario Leone

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