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B-52H drops inert JDAM QuickStrike Extended Range mines from a standoff distance of more than 40 miles advancing maritime capabilities in a contested environment

B-52H drops inert JDAM QuickStrike Extended Range mines from standoff distance of more than 40 miles advancing maritime capabilities in a contested environment

The QS-ER mine marries the concept of a Mk64 underwater mine to that of the GBU-64v1 JDAM Extended Range variant.… Read More

5 days ago

No, the F-15 never Attacked Death Star of Star Wars. But the mighty Eagle was the only US aircraft to destroy machine orbiting Earth. Here’s how.

In September 1985, an F-15 Eagle was even able to destroy a machine orbiting Earth. But no, it wasn’t the… Read More

4 weeks ago

“Photo of damaged B61 nuclear bomb at RNLAF Volkel Air Base was training dummy,” Pentagon says

Los Alamos National Laboratory included the picture of a damaged B61 nuclear bomb in a 2022 presentation for student job… Read More

2 months ago

AGM-183A ARRW Falls Short in Second Test but the USAF isn’t saying what went wrong with the Lockheed Martin-built hypersonic missile

The second All-Up-Round AGM-183A ARRW flight fell short of fully successful test but the USAF isn’t saying what went… Read More

2 months ago

The USAF Won’t Purchase Hypersonic Missiles in 2024

Instead, the USAF continues to focus on research and development of the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon, which features boost-glide… Read More

2 months ago

F-15 maintainer explains why even though NASA equipped an Eagle with an AIM-54 the USAF Never Outfitted its F-15 fleet with the mighty Phoenix

The odd photos in this post show an F-15 Eagle fighter jet carrying an AIM-54 Phoenix long-range air-to-air missile. The… Read More

3 months ago

Taiwan to get 100 AGM-88B HARM missiles and 200 AIM-120C-8 missiles for its F-16 fleet

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has not specified whether the weapons are intended for Taiwan’s RoCAF existing F-16A/B fleet or… Read More

3 months ago

Minnesota ANG boosts F-16 capabilities with AN/ASQ-236 AESA radar pod (it complements the recent fielding APG-83 AESA Fire Control Radar)

The AN/ASQ-236 AESA radar pod provides Combat Air Forces with the ability to geo-locate points of interest day or night,… Read More

3 months ago

A-10 Pilot explains why the Warthog has Window Wash System (and almost Nobody Knows about it)

‘Simply push a button in the cockpit and window wash fluid would be dispensed from nozzles at the base of… Read More

4 months ago

F-15EX fires missiles from new weapon stations 1 and 9 for first time and validates the Eagle II’s 12 air-to-air missiles capacity

Once initial testing is complete, operational units receiving the new F-15EX will be able to carry and employ full… Read More

5 months ago

AGM-88G AARGM-ER successfully engages moving maritime target on 4th flight test

The US Navy launched the AGM-88G AARGM-ER from an F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft successfully engaging an operationally-representative, moving maritime target.… Read More

6 months ago

USAF U-2 Avionics Technician explains why S-300 and S-400 missile systems would not be able to shoot down the SR-71 Blackbird

Could the SR-71 Blackbird be shot down by missile systems such as Russia’s S-300 or S-400? The SR-71, unofficially known… Read More

6 months ago

As the Missile Strike in Poland is under Investigation, Ukraine Airspace is still Contested Amid Russian Missile Attack

US President Joe Biden said preliminary information suggested it was “unlikely” the missile was fired from within Russia. On Nov.… Read More

7 months ago

With total of 53 missiles successfully launched, RAF Typhoon and F-35B Lightning II aircraft conducted their largest ever mass firing of ASRAAMs

Over the space of 10 days, pilots from eight different squadrons successfully launched a total of 53 ASRAAM missiles at… Read More

7 months ago

The story of the US Navy TARPS-equipped F-14 Tomcat that took photo of its own GBU-12 heading for its target

Taken during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the following amazing photograph of a GBU-12 heading for its target was taken by a… Read More

7 months ago

Saab conducted Successful Meteor Live Firing with Gripen E

Saab recently conducted the first test firing with the advanced Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile on Gripen E with… Read More

9 months ago

Video shows F-89 Scorpion interceptor conducting the first and only live test of USAF AIR-2 Genie nuclear-tipped air-to-air rocket

Taken on Jul. 19, 1957 the video in this post features a USAF Northrop F-89J Scorpion conducting the first and… Read More

10 months ago