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The story of the man that sued Pepsi for Not Giving him a Harrier Jump Jet

The story of the man that sued Pepsi for Not Giving him a Harrier Jump Jet

The campaign was simple: you could collect points from Pepsi labels by buying Pepsi products. Once you collected points you… Read More

3 weeks ago

The story of the U-2 pilot that took part in O Club parties wearing fake bad teeth to joke about the ozone level effect on U-2 drivers

Buddy Brown (Buddy is not a nickname it’s his real name) was one of a handful of men in the… Read More

1 month ago

Chicks dig ‘em! US Naval Aviator explains why fighter pilots wear sunglasses

What is the real reason why pilots wear sunglasses? Sunglasses help safeguard a pilot’s most important sensory asset – vision.… Read More

4 months ago

Once a Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind Attack helicopter was painted in US Coast Guard colors. Here’s why.

The Hind has been sold to 40 countries and, no it’s not a joke, the photos in this post feature… Read More

4 months ago

“Low thrust, Not enough thrust, Engines that don’t generate enough thrust.” Former A-10 pilot explains why the engines are the biggest weakness of the Warthog.

‘We joke that the A-10 is really a single-engine aircraft, with half an engine on each side,’ Lynn Taylor, former… Read More

5 months ago

That time Habu crew chiefs loaded into an SR-71 ladies’ underwear to deploy along with the drag chute upon landing to adjust the attitude of a new Blackbird pilot

Upon landing and subsequent pilot deployment of the SR-71 Blackbird chute (which is Orange), the chute deployed as normal and… Read More

6 months ago

USAF Pilot recalls when he got sick while flying a T-28, he tried to throw the barf bag overboard and the bag tore apart. He got barf inside and out the Canopy.

Even the most experienced pilots still get motion sickness once in a while. If you’ve ever been one to wonder… Read More

7 months ago

That time Kris Kristofferson stole a US Army helicopter and landed it in Johnny Cash’s yard

He did in fact take the US Army helo and land in Johnny Cash’s yard. June Carter came out and… Read More

10 months ago

Former A-10 Pilot explains how a Warthog could BRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT a Star Wars AT-AT

‘AT-ATs have a lot in common with tanks,’ Lynn Taylor, former A-10 Warthog pilot. The All Terrain Armored Transport, or… Read More

11 months ago

USAF F-86D Sabre Dog Pilot tells the story of when He Lit the Afterburner in the Hangar to Take Off during a Scramble. And explains why He Never did it Again.

The F-86D Sabre Dog was equipped with an afterburning engine in the form of a General Electric J47-GE-17 turbojet. An… Read More

1 year ago

That time an SR-71 deployed Ladies Underwear (along with the drag chute) upon landing to adjust the attitude of a new Blackbird pilot

One of the unwritten requirements to become an SR-71 Blackbird crew member/maintainer was to have an outrageous sense of humor.… Read More

1 year ago

The SR-71 crew that ejected and was whisked away to mayor’s house while USAF frantically looked for them

I have a semi-confirmed report from a woman who lives in the Philippines that one of the SR-71 #974 ejection… Read More

1 year ago

The story of the SR-71 Blackbird crew that ‘gave the birdie’ to a French Air Force Mirage III pilot, lit the afterburners and outran him

‘I looked out the left window and saw a French Mirage III sitting ten feet off my left wing. He… Read More

2 years ago

The X-32 was nicknamed ‘Monica.’ Why? Because she’s got a big mouth, she’s ugly and…she s***s. Like a certain White House intern who was famous for her oratory skills.

The X-32 earned the nickname "Monica" after a certain White House intern who was famous for her... Uh... Oratory skills. The Boeing X-32… Read More

2 years ago