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B-2 Spirit stealth bombers at Whiteman recently completed Exercise Global Thunder 2018, U.S. Strategic Command’s annual field training and command and control exercise

“I’m the B-2 stealth bomber and this is my official Twitter account. Occasionally, the Whiteman Public Affairs folks borrow my account for important updates.”

This is B-2 Spirit Twitter bio.

Yes, you’ve read well, the world’s only stealth bomber has a Twitter account, and it’s pretty entertaining.

We couldn’t stop laughing – particularly at this B-2’s tweet.

Check out the latest Tweets from B-2.

In other news B-2 Spirit strategic bombers at Whiteman recently completed Exercise Global Thunder 2018 (GT18), U.S. Strategic Command’s (USSTRATCOM) annual field training and command and control exercise.

As we have recently explained, the scenario for GT18 integrated a variety of strategic threats to the U.S. and validated the capabilities of all the USSTRATCOM assets that would be provided to geographic combatant commanders in a real-world crisis, including space; cyber; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; global strike; and ballistic missile defense assets.

In response to the scenario, Team Whiteman, which is comprised of active-duty Airmen from the 509th Bomb Wing, as well as Missouri Air National Guardsmen from the 131st Bomb Wing, readied and launched numerous B-2 Spirit aircraft.

Because of the B-2 Spirit’s unique and pivotal capabilities, the aircrews train daily to ensure its operational readiness. The B-2, which is maintained and operated by the fully integrated Total Force team at Whiteman, is one of the key aircraft used to support USSTRATCOM’s and Air Force Global Strike Command’s global strike and strategic deterrence missions.

The B-2’s low-observable or stealth capabilities provide U.S. decision makers at the highest levels of the military and the government the capability to deter strategic attacks and, if necessary, penetrate the most secure defense systems to deliver a massive payload when ordered.

Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III and Senior Airman Jovan Banks / U.S. Air Force

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