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144th FW unveils Anniversary F-15C Eagle fighter jet

The unit celebrates the 75th anniversary of the 194th Fighter Squadron

Taken on Sep. 19, 2018 the cool photos in this post show 144th Fighter Wing’s Anniversary F-15C Eagle fighter jet.

The unit celebrates the 75th anniversary of the 194th Fighter Squadron. This special painted F-15C will be at the Capitol Airshow this weekend in Sacramento at the Mather Airport.

The 144th FW is a unit of the California Air National Guard (CANG), based at Fresno Air National Guard Base, California. As part of the Air Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force (USAF), the wing is operationally gained by the Air Combat Command (ACC).

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144th FW’s primary mission is to provide air defense protection for California and the U.S. from the Mexican border to Oregon utilizing the F-15 Eagle jet fighter aircraft. The unit also supports the nation’s Counter Drug Program and responds to state emergencies when requested by the Governor of California.

The wing previously flew the F-16C and F-16D Fighting Falcon, having transferred the last F-16C aircraft to the Arizona Air National Guard in November 2013. 144th FW current inventory of aircraft includes 21 F-15Cs and F-15Ds and consists of 18 Primary Aircraft Authorized (PAA) and 3 Backup Aircraft Inventory (BAI) that were previously assigned to the Montana Air National Guard, Missouri Air National Guard and Nellis Air Force Base (AFB). The wing also operates one C-26A transport.

Photo credit: U.S. Air National Guard

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